Price for rent

(with big nice sea view terrace no swimming pool)

1 NIGHT (MINIMUM 3 NIGHTS) 4,500 THB / day
1 WEEK 17,000 THB / week
1 MONTH 35,000 THB / month

Per night: include Electricity and water.
Week&Month: Electricity and water are not include, pay when you check out.


steps for rent

  1. please contact us about availability
  2. pay deposit 5000 thb
    ytansfer to thai bank account or paypal payment 5000thb + paypal fee 250thb
  3. come to check-in at office in kohtao
  4. get key
  5. amazing staying
  6. let us know your check-out time
  7. check-out.  get back deposit to stay 5000thb cash(for no damage stayer)
    clear your bill by your own meter(weekly&monthly stayer)
Koh Tao Aoartment room as you stay at your house


Water 1Unit = 400THB
Electricity 1unit = 10THB

When you check out, we will check your own room mater, you can pay how much you use.